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The food chain is complex, but these resources can help get you thinking about which food system issue you would most like to tackle and will provide details on the biomimicry design approach.

Read on and learn how to design for life!

Biomimicry Resources

New to biomimicry? We have you covered! The Biomimicry Toolbox is your guide to applying nature’s lessons to design challenges. This resource is available to registered users only and will appear below once you have logged in.

Biomimicry Toolbox

Your guide to applying nature’s lessons to design challenges. This resource is accessible only to registered users.


AskNature is our award-winning resource for biological inspiration. Browse nature’s strategies and discover potential solutions to your design challenge.


Food System Resources

Read on to find out more about our food system—where we’re at now, how we got there, and what areas are ripe for change.

CGIAR Big Facts on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security

Learn about the connections between food and climate change on this website that features numerous infographics and the ability to browse content by theme or region.

National Geographic The Future of Food

This special series and multimedia website offer a wealth of information and perspectives on food issues.

Grist Hungry Hungry Humans

This series of articles examines how to make food systems green and fair.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Towards the Circular Economy Vol. 2

Chapter 3 investigates how circular businesses can extract more value than the linear economy, including by making use of food waste and food processing by-products.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN State of Food and Agriculture 2014

An annual report on the state of food from the United Nations.


Challenge Support Webinars

Join members of the Biomimicry Institute staff and other subject matter experts for free interactive webinars on biomimicry, the food system, business planning and more.  Check out the webinar schedule for details on upcoming sessions and how to join.