Biomimicry is an interdisciplinary field, and collaboration is critical to doing it well. The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is a team competition for this reason.

Although individuals may register on this website, to submit an entry and compete for prizes, you must be part of a team with at least two members (the limit is eight members).

If you have not yet formed a team:

Don't worry! Once you have registered, you can browse the Team Directory for existing teams that may be looking for additional members to round out their skills. The directory is available only to users registered and logged in on the Challenge website.

If you already have a team you plan to work with:

Once you have registered as an individual, you may then create a team profile on this site. Doing so allows you to share your team information with other registered users, recruit new members, and connect with mentors and advisors in our community.

You can create a team at any time before submitting a design. However, we want to highlight teams throughout the Challenge, so please consider creating a team profile as soon as you begin your design process. You may edit your team page and team membership at any time prior to submission.