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As the submission deadline draws near, we've begun to receive questions about team formation on the BGDC platform. To help you navigate the features and functions of this part of the website, we've created the following tutorial.

First of all, it's important to note that only teams of 2-6 may submit an entry to the Challenge. You must form a team on the Challenge website in order to gain access to the submission form. Individual submissions are not accepted. If you have not yet identified at least one other person to work with on the challenge, consider browsing the Team Directory for teams who may still be looking for new members with the skills and experience you have to offer.


  1. Register team members individually on the BGDC platform.


  2. Select one member of the team to serve as the Team Leader. The Team Leader will be responsible for managing the team's profile and submitting the team's challenge entry.
  3. The Team Leader creates the team profile by filling out the team form. (Form direct link)



  4. Once the team is formed, the Team Leader may add members to the team profile.
    1. From the team profile, click Actions", select Invite Members" from the dropdown menu.
    2. You can invite members by name if they have already registered on the BGDC platform. You can also enter the person's email address to send them an invitation email with information about how to register and join your team.


  5. You may revisit and edit your team profile at any time prior to submitting your challenge entry.
    1. Do this by going to the My Activities" menu. This can be accessed by clicking on your user icon at the top of the website.


    2. Next, select Edit" from the dropdown under the Actions" button.Next, select Edit" from the dropdown under the Actions" button.

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